A new version of the RobotC Driver Suite has been released.  Two new drivers were added and some improvements were made in the I2C bus error handling.

  • NEW: Added driver for AT24C512 EEPROM chip.
  • NEW: Added Light Sensor driver with calibration!  You can use one of the test programs to calibrate for both white and black.  Calibration data is saved to a file which is read when the driver is first used. You can also use the API to write your own calibration program.
  • I2C bus error handling code added to common.h.  When an error occurs, the bus is now flooded with 5 dummy I2C packets.  This usually clears it up.  The original packet is then retransmitted. Note that this is done only once for each packet.
  • HTPB driver has error checking removed, this is now handled by common.h
  • The drivers will generate an error when compiled with a RobotC less than 1.46.
  • Add Mindsensors Line Leader driver, waiting for firmware API to stabilise
  • Add UART (RCX) functionality to HiTechnic IR Link driver.

The drivers’ website is here: [LINK]. The documentation can be found here: [LINK].  You can download the software from the Source Forge page here: [LINK].