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FLL Benelux Finals

As Martijn already reported on The NXT Step, the FLL Benelux finals were held in Arnhem, the Netherlands last Saturday.  Laurens, Martijn and I were there to demo Lego Mindstorms.

Laurens had built a very cool segway robot that could be remote controlled.  I had built the new Wall Following robot from the HiTechnic website.  It uses the HT EOPD and Lego Ultrasonic sensors to keep the same distance to the wall at all times.  It’s a great little robot based on a really easy to build but versatile base, all designed by Gus Jansson.  The thing I liked most about this model that during the 7 hours I had it running at the show, it never once strayed from the wall.

I took some pictures of the stands that a couple of the FLL teams had.  Some were very colourful and elaborate, others were much simpler.  It looked like most of the kids had a lot of fun, though.

CIMG0268 CIMG0269 CIMG0270 CIMG0271 CIMG0272 CIMG0274 CIMG0275 CIMG0276 CIMG0279 CIMG0280 CIMG0281 CIMG0282

Congratulations to all the winners. I can’t wait for next year’s competitions!

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