Welcome to my lab

The state of my desk pretty much represents what I am currently working on:

  • In the middle is the Holit Data Systems motor-MUX.  That’s the big sensor with the 5 ports and the bright LEDs on it.  I am writing a ROBOTC driver for it.
  • Just below that is the HiTechnic sensor-MUX, I’ve written an NXC driver for it that is currently being tested (thanks, Hunter!)
  • Up towards the left is the NXTCamV3 in its pan and tilt rig.  It still needs quite a bit of work to prevent it from going nuts when it loses the tracked object.
  • Bottom left is some documentation on the upcoming Mindsensors motor-MUX.  Judging by the specs, it is seriously tweakable. I’ll write more about it when I get my hands on it.

The cute little mini-robots in the picture were created by Hunter Chiou and are called “Little N”.  You can see more detailed pictures on his Brickshelf Gallery: [LINK]. His blog can be found here: [LINK].  Unless you are fluent in Chinese, you may want to run it through Google Translate, you’ll end up with something like this: [LINK].