omniwheel or holonomic wheel that is LEGO Mindstorm RCX NXT compatible - isometric view LEGO Mindstorm RCX NXT compatible omni-wheel or holonomic wheel front view

LEGO RCX NXT Mindstorm compatible omni-directional wheel or holonomic wheel drive top view

I finally ordered the omniwheels I’ve wanted for about 6 months!  I’ve been raving about them to anyone who cared to listen over the past while.  This will really help make my omniwheeled robot a lot more stable.  While I love the all-Lego omniwheel wheels I made, they cause far too much vibration in the entire platform for them to be useful.  These Technic-axle compatible puppies should give a much smoother ride.  Hopefully they will arrive shortly so I can start rebuilding.

You can order your own from these guys: [LINK].  I’m as excited as a little kid waiting for Christmas morning!