My good friend Eric likes to build big.  He is one of the designers and builders of the High Bay Storage System. A while back he told he wanted to build a tracked vehicle. He’s done this before, of course:

6[1] b26[1]

Very nice, right? Not satisfied with this Lilliputian-sized tank (actual Lilliputians ride around in this), he set about making something a little bigger.  By a little, I mean of course, a lot. 

This monster has 16 motors (so far) and 9 NXTs.  It’s fully remote controlled (autonomous roaming is still being worked on).  Just check out the video below, it speaks for itself.

This thing is big enough to run over and crush a small child and should require a driver’s permit to pilot.  It’s a real monster and I can’t wait to have a go with this thing myself. 

So, Eric, what are your plans for tomorrow?