Lego Lair

Sunday morning and all is quiet in the Soldaat house.  This is the current state of my Lego Lair, as my wife likes to call it. It’s a bit of a mess and I’m starting to have trouble finding things on my desk.  When I am done writing this post, I’ll do some tidying up.

Some cool things I’m working on that I can talk about:

  • Testing the upcoming Dexter Industries GPS Sensor;
  • An enhanced version of the IR Link Power Functions library, motor control will be close the native ROBOTC NXT motor functions.  This is almost completed, needs additional comments and documentation;
  • RCX to NXT (and vice versa) messaging via IR using the IR Link, using both the standard single byte and ROBOTC’s enhanced two-byte protocol.  This is working well now. Thanks to Thorsten for testing this stuff.  It needs a bit of tidying up and documentation;
  • Playing with the new MSP430 Launchpad boards that came in the other day.  I can make the LEDs blink (!);
  • Playing with the Rotacaster wheels.

With all these peripherals, I need more USB ports on this laptop.  It has just 3 of them (plus a USB/E-SATA port).  However, that said, it comes with a genuine COM port!  That’s a pretty rare thing for modern laptops but it’s great when I am working with both the RCX IR Tower –and- the I2C protocol analyser.

It’s fun to be a tinkerer!