As mentioned on the Lego-X blog, Mindsensors have some pretty cool things for us in store in the next coming months. I spoke with Deepak from Mindsensors a few days ago about some of the things they are working on in their lab and it’s pretty exciting stuff.

Relay controller Pneumatic valve controller But what is it? SS-2011.01.30-08.15.31
A dual relay controller, rated at 30V and 13Amps. That’s a LOT of power. This Servo Operated Pneumatic Valve can be controlled from NXT using NXTServo-v2. It looks like a very compact setup. The mystery sensor. Deepak mentioned this one in passing long ago and we spoke about it in our last conversation. I think many people will love this sensor. The OBD-II interface controller.  OBD-II is a standard interface used in the automotive industry to read diagnostics information from your car’s onboard computer.

There is also an altimeter in the works but there are no cool pictures of that on their coming soon page.

So there you have it, many things are a-brewing in the Mindsensors kitchen!