The fine folks at the Robotics Academy have released a new version of ROBOTC for the Cortex and PIC. 

There are quite a number of changes:

  • Updated new Master Firmware for VEX Cortex
  • Fixed “Cannot find firmware file” download error.
  • Additional Integrity Checks on Firmware Downloading
  • & qualifiers are now accepted on structure elements.
  • Improved robustness for communicating with Cortex over USB A-A cable.
  • Sensor Types are now cleared when a new program is run – Prevents sensor port allocation issues.
  • Added support for new “Natural Language” platform feature.

The “Natural Language” was something that was posted about before, it’s a simplified API that makes basic movement and tasks much easier.  Here’s a screenshot from the new help.


There are loads of other easy to use functions, too for tasks such as:

  • Line following;
  • Setting a motor speed or making it rotate for a number of degrees;
  • Waiting for the light sensor to reach a certain value:


There’s a lot more, so be sure to check it out! You can download it from this page: [LINK].