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Coming Soon: Mindsensors Touch Panel Sensor

imageThis is what the NXT should’ve had in the first place!  Thank goodness for companies like Mindsensors.  They’ve created the first touch panel sensor for the NXT that sits on top of the standard screen and allows you to draw and press on it with a stylus.

I haven’t got it yet but I just got a mail saying that it’s on its way.  I’ve been perusing some preliminary user guides and NXC code and it’s pretty awesome. It seems there are 4 buttons on each side of the screen which you can press.  You can query the sensor to find out where the user is pressing the stylus, of course.  I am also reading something about being able to read gesture data.  I am not sure what that entails  or how it works but when I know more, I’ll be sure to post about it.

They’ve also made a cool overlay for it which you can add icons or text to and print out so you can give the buttons some extra pizazz (I’ve never used that word before, but it seemed appropriate).

I may try to combine this with their Power Meter Sensor to add a whole new dimension to my previous NXT Oscilloscope.  Some other ideas:

  • A drawing program which allows you to select shapes, erasers, pencils, brushes and things with the buttons on the side.
  • A program that recognises hand writing.
  • Create a picture on the screen and have your robot draw it for you.
  • A fun maze solving game.
  • An on-screen calculator.
  • Select a target that your RC tank has spotted using the NXTCam and has sent back to your remote control so that it can “destroy” it with the deadly Zamor shooter.

I am sure you can come up with many other ideas.  I can’t wait to start playing with this!  I am not sure when it’s due to come out but it’s probably not long now.

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Xander Soldaat is a Software Engineer and former Infrastructure Architect. He loves building and programming robots. He recently had the opportunity to turn his robotics hobby into his profession and has started working for Robomatter, the makers of ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Words.