Minor fixes, enhancements and cleanups

This release has a couple of small fixes and also gets rid of a couple of really bone-headed bugs in the Dexter Industry IMU sensor driver.

The sensor driver has been tested with a real segway by Laurens Valk, check out the video below:

The new IMU driver now also features the ability to switch on the built-in Low Pass Filtering to reduce the number of transient spikes in the readings.  You can see a nice little graph below comparing readings with and without the filter enabled.  These readings were taken with the DIMU-test2.c program, which is provided with the driver suite.  The sensor was kept stationary during the measurements.

Screenshot-2011-10-08_20.50.02 Screenshot-2011-10-08_20.49.43

Without Low Pass Filter

With Low Pass Filter

Other than the DIMU driver enhancements, I also made following changes:

  • Fixed an old bug in FLAC that somehow managed to survive for this long
  • Fixed some comments in HTIRS2-driver
Where can I download it?

You can get it at the usual place: [LINK].

Thank you

Aswin Bouwmeester and John Hansen for very helpful tips and pointing out some really dumb bits of code in my drivers.