Yo Dawg - Yo dawg.... I heard you liked reading e-books

…So I built you this LEGO contraption so you don’t need to hold that mobile phone anymore.


Can you believe that my wife actually sat there patiently while I built this thing next to her?  She was complaining about her arms getting sore from holding up her mobile phone so she could read her E-Book.

LEGO to the rescue!  I quickly whipped together a prototype mobile-phone-holder-contraption that keeps the screen at the proper height.  It’s really fragile and exploded a few times, much to my wife’s amusement who laughed her ass off as I did my little tantrum dance.

I’ve been given a list of improvements:

  • Shoulder pieces need to be cushioned, they’re not very comfortable.
  • The bar across the back of the head needs a little cushioning
  • It needs to be made lighter.
  • Moving your head right should make the phone go forward a page, left should go back a page.

Tammy rocks!