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LEGO World Day 5–All Things Must Pass


Today was the last day for me at LEGO World, as it was for a number of the exhibitors at the Mindstorms booth.  I procured some Rotacaster wheels for the Kassler University guys (thanks Peter) and they wasted no time cloning the omniwheeled robot this morning.  It was a real collaborative effort with 2 of us building it and one building a whole new prototype.  It was a lot of fun!

I am absolutely pooped this evening and I can only imagine how tired some of the people who are staying all 8 days will be at the end.  I think the prize for most tired must go to my Genuine German™ friend Sebastian Trella who slept like a (snoring) baby on the super comfortable Fatboy pillow/beds on our booth.  I was impressed by his ability to sleep through all the noise but I think he was starting to come down with a cold or something.  I am not surprised, with all those germ-laden kids walking about everywhere.  That didn’t stop me from filming of course.

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