Wifi-From-Dexter-IndustriesWith a gestation period of a baby elephant but with the grace of a cheetah, Dexter Industries are proud to present their latest offering: the WiFi Sensor.

You may remember me building a web server a while back that allowed you to fiddle with a motor over the Internet, now you can have one of your own!

The DWiFi sensor is different from regular NXT sensors in that it leverages the uber-speedy RS485 port (S4) on your brick, allowing it to go at a mind-numbingly 900Kbit/s.  Considering the normal I2C speed is about 10Kbit/s, that’s quite an improvement.

The drivers and any and all documentation for it can be downloaded right here: [LINK].  Over the coming week, DI will release the source code for programs that will allow you to:

  • Communicate directly with your computer (or any other computer) via TCP protocol.
  • Enable the power saving features, pinging and DNS lookups
  • Setup a webserver and log into our NXT to get the local temperature.
  • Make your NXT send a tweet.

More details on the days this will happen can be found in the original press release right here: [LINK].  Go check it out!