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Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2

KinectMicrosoft released a new version of the Kinect SDK a few days ago and I totally missed it!  They have also made a really nice site for it, too.  You can check it out here: [LINK].

Some of the new things in this version of the SDK include:

  • Faster  and Improved Skeletal Tracking
    With updates to the multi-core exemplar, Kinect for Windows is now 20% faster than it was in the last release. Also, the accuracy rate of skeletal tracking and joint recognition and been substantially improved.
  • Status Change Support
    You can now plug and unplug your Kinect without losing work/productivity.
  • Improved Joint Tracking
    Substantially improve the accuracy rate of joint recognition and tracking.

I guess I know what I am going to be playing with this coming weekend!

Microsoft also announced that, in the beginning of 2012, they will release an SDK that can be used for commercial applications, something the current SDK expressly forbids.

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