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WiFi Week at Dexter Industries

It’s been a super exciting and busy week over at Dexter Industries! To celebrate the official release of their WiFi sensor, they published an article each day on some of the cool things you can do with this new sensor.

Friday: Connecting The Wifi Sensor to a Network
The first article is all about the basics of hooking up the WiFi sensor to your network and setting up the WEP/WPA key and the basic serial interface options, etc.

Monday: Communicating with Computers
Learn how to create a basic TCP server that listens to a network port.

Tuesday: PING!
Have we got the machine that goes PING! ? We do now! Create a program that can ping a server on the Internet.

Wednesday: Setting Up a Webserver
Now that you now how to create a simple TCP listening server, it’s time to up the ante and turn your NXT into a web server!

Thursday: Crank Up The Speed!
I feel the need, the need for speed! RS485 rules and I2C drools. Turn up your RS485 speed all the way to 11 with this day’s installment. Configure your WiFi module to communicate with your NXT at 100x the speed of a normal I2C connection.

Friday: Twitter Temperature
Feeling hot, hot, hot or are you chilling? Now your NXT can tell the world with this NXT Twitter program.  Tweet about the current temperature in your LEGO room, straight from your NXT.

So, pretty hectic I’d say.  There is no lack of inspiring things there for you to play and get started with when you get your own WiFi module!

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