Nostaligia isn't what it used to be!Now here’s a bargain you can’t refuse.  The folks over at Robotics Academy have created an RCX-only version of ROBOTC 2.03 and made it available for everyone to download! For free, no less!  That’s a lot of exclamation points!

Ever since ROBOTC 2.02+ was released without RCX support, a lot of folks were complaining about the inability to use their RCX if they wanted to use ROBOTC for the NXT or VEX as well.  This special RCX-only version has been modified to allow it to live alongside ROBOTC 3.x.  So what are you waiting for?  Download your copy right here: [LINK].  You don’t need a license to use this; just install and have fun!

Oh, it will come as no surprise, of course, that this version is released as-is.  If something’s not working, you’re out of luck, unless they’re feeling particularly generous, I wouldn’t count on any bug fixes and certainly no feature enhancements.