WIFI-WEEK-2---Weather-from-Dexter Industries has started another WiFi Week!  Exciting projects will be unveiled each day, just like the last WiFi week a little while back.

Cool projects that have been published so far as part of WiFi Week 2:

Pachube seems really interesting.  It is a system with a simple API that allows your networked device to communicate arbitrary data to a hosting site with XML.  This creates a “feed” which you can then display this data in various ways using apps.

WIFI LEGO ThingspeakSome other projects coming soon for WiFi week 2 are:

  • A ThingSpeak project, which is a bit like Pachube but apparently has better graphics.
  • A news reel parser, with it you can display the latest headlines from Google News.

That’s some pretty cool stuff!  I can’t wait to see them in action.