MinuteBase_partview2I came across a very cool Kickstarter project called “MinuteBot Base”.  From what I gather from the project, it’s a 21×30 hole studless plate which you can use a stable base for your robot.  I have no idea why LEGO didn’t come up with this themselves.

From their Kickstarter page:

The physical dimensions (L x W x H) of a MinuteBot Base are: 240 x 168 x 8 mm. The weight is estimated to be around 135g.

The material is ABS (maybe with some glass fiber added to increase stiffness).

The component is claret-colored. This makes the component stand out as a unique MinuteBot creation (we have checked with the people at LEGO and they are completely cool with the project).

This looks like a pretty cool project, really.  I really hope they manage to pull this off.