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ROBOTC Driver Suite Tutorial

Screenshot-2012-04-11_20.41.09Finally, after months and months of stalling, I have started and completed a tutorial for my Driver Suite. It actually took me a lot less effort than I originally thought it would, but I am happy with the result, as I am sure you will be.

The tutorial will help you setup ROBOTC to use the drivers, how the they’re put together and most importantly, how to use them.  I’ve created three examples which go through the steps needed to write a program from scratch using the Driver Suite.  I even made 3 videos to with those examples!  Yeah, I pulled out all the stops to make this one, let me tell you.  I would’ve added a small brass band, but I ran out of disk space.

I couldn’t possibly cover going through the process of creating a new program with every single driver included in the Suite, there are simply too many of them. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope it’ll be useful to you in some way.  Let me know how you like it or what you’d like to see improved or added.

You can download the tutorial right here: [LINK].  You’ll need a PDF reader to read it.  I recommend you use something like Foxit Reader.

About Xander

Xander Soldaat is a Software Engineer and former Infrastructure Architect. He loves building and programming robots. He recently had the opportunity to turn his robotics hobby into his profession and has started working for Robomatter, the makers of ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Words.