Mindsensors AbsoluteIMUMindsensors have been working on an IMU of their own.  It has a compass, and accelerometer, as well as a 3-axis gyro.  It can be used is available in two configurations:

  • Accelerometer and Compass or Gyro
  • Accelerometer and Compass and Gyro.

Seems a bit strange to have to chose between these two configurations but I am sure there’s a reason for it.  When I find out more, you’ll be the first to know!

Edit: I now know a bit more about the two configurations.  It boils down to there being two sub models of this sensor:

  • AbsoluteIMU-AC: Accelerometer+Compass
  • AbsoluteIMU-ACG: Accelerometer + Compass + Gyro

This makes a lot more sense now.