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Heads-up: New ROBOTC Driver Suite Requirement

I’ll be releasing a new version of the driver Driver Suite soon.  I’ve changed the minimum version it will compile under to ROBOTC 3.08, the latest stable release.  I am using some very useful functionality in some of my drivers that didn’t appear in previous versions.

#include "firmwareVersion.h" 
#if (kFirmwareVersion < 912) 
#error "These drivers are only supported on RobotC version 3.08 or higher" 

If you’re still using ROBOTC 2.x, you might want to upgrade to 3.x.  If you do, consider using the “Support This Site” link on the right side of the page.  It will set a cookie in your browser so they know your purchase came through my site.  It won’t cost you anything extra but I get a nice commission from it and you’ll help support this site.   It’ll still use the standard ROBOTC purchase system.  Everyone wins!

If you’re using ROBOTC 2.x because you like using RCX as well, don’t worry; there’s now a stand-alone free version of ROBOTC 2.x that supports the RCX.  It runs very nicely side-by-side with ROBOTC 3.x.  You can read more about that here: [LINK].

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