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Coming soon from Mindsensors: Light Sensor Array for NXT

Light Sensor ArrayMindsensors is about to release a cool new sensor with an array of 8 light detectors: the Light Sensor Array.  Sound familiar?  Well, it should.  This is quite similar to their LineLeader sensor, with one major difference; there is no built-in PID regulator.  Why?  Simple, some robotics competitions deemed the LineLeader so good as to be an unfair advantage over people who did not have it.  So with the Light Sensor Array, you get all the advantages of having an array of 8 light sensors but no PID.  You can still follow lines, detect thing on the field, you just have to do the motor control yourself.  It comes in a really sleek looking package.

This new sensor should be a major asset in anyone wanting to do line following, line following and many other things.  Robotics competitions will have no reasons to ban this one!  You can find out more about this sensor, including some datasheets, user guides and example code right here: [LINK].

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