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Coming soon: ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.0 beta 1

Since the release of ROBOTC 3.50, I’ve been working hard on porting my current Driver Suite to the new function prototypes that came along with the introduction of pointers.

Apart from the obvious changes to make it compile under ROBOTC 3.50, I have also finally made the move to rename all the files and drivers to a more sensible naming scheme.  No longer do you have to guess what the difference is between MSPPS and MSPM, now it’s simply “mindsensors-pressure.h” and “mindsensors-powermeter.h.  The examples have been renamed in a similar fashion.  You’ll have to modify your programs to make them work with the new names, but I’m sure that won’t take too long.  You’ll be glad to know that I didn’t change the names of the functions and variables, they remain the same.  I can tell you that changing the names of about 230 files, all #include statements, comments, etc, was one heck of a tedious job.

I would release the beta today but it seems that my Suite’s I2C sub system functions are not working at the moment and I lack the tools to check the I2C bus at my current location (forgot to take my signal analyser with me).  I hope to be able to release the beta 1 either this Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week, if it turns out to be a trivial fix, that is.

Here’s an overview of the old and new naming scheme for the drivers:

Old name New name
common.h common.h
CTRFID-driver.h codatech-rfid.h
DFLEX-driver.h dexterind-flex.h
DGPS-driver.h dexterind-gps.h
DIMC-driver.h dexterind-compass.h
DIMU-driver.h dexterind-imu.h
DIWIFI-driver.h dexterind-wifi.h
DPRESS-driver.h dexterind-pressure.h
DTMP-driver.h dexterind-temp.h
EEPROM-driver.h eeprom.h
FLAC-driver.h firgelli-linearact.h
FLAC-ramp-driver.h firgelli-linearact-ramping.h
HDMMUX-driver.h holitdata-motormux.h
HRWB-driver.h humarobotics-wifiblock.h
HTAC-driver.h hitechnic-accelerometer.h
HTANG-driver.h hitechnic-angle.h
HTBM-driver.h hitechnic-barometer.h
HTCS-driver.h hitechnic-colour-v1.h
HTCS2-driver.h hitechnic-colour-v2.h
HTEOPD-driver.h hitechnic-eopd.h
HTGYRO-driver.h hitechnic-gyro.h
HTIRL-driver.h hitechnic-irlink.h
HTIRR-driver.h hitechnic-irrecv.h
HTIRS-driver.h hitechnic-irseeker-v1.h
HTIRS2-driver.h hitechnic-irseeker-v2.h
HTMAG-driver.h hitechnic-magfield.h
HTMC-driver.h hitechnic-compass.h
HTMMUX-driver.h hitechnic-motormux.h
HTPB-driver.h hitechnic-protoboard.h
HTPIR-driver.h hitechnic-pir.h
HTRCX-driver.h hitechnic-irlink-rcx.h
HTSMUX-driver.h hitechnic-sensormux.h
HTSPB-driver.h hitechnic-superpro.h
HTTMUX-driver.h hitechnic-touchmux.h
LEGOEM-driver.h lego-energymeter.h
LEGOLS-driver.h lego-light.h
LEGOSND-driver.h lego-sound.h
LEGOTMP-driver.h lego-temp.h
LEGOTS-driver.h lego-touch.h
LEGOUS-driver.h lego-ultrasound.h
light-common.h common-light.h
MAX127-driver.h maxim-max127.h
MCP23008-driver.h microchip-mcp23008.h
MICC-driver.h microinfinity-cruizcore.h
MMUX-common.h common-mmux.h
MSAC-driver.h mindsensors-accelerometer.h
MSDIST-driver.h mindsensors-irdist.h
MSHID-driver.h mindsensors-hid.h
MSIMU-driver.h mindsensors-imu.h
MSLL-driver.h mindsensors-lineleader.h
MSMMUX-driver.h mindsensors-motormux.h
MSMTRMX-driver.h mindsensors-rcxmotormux.h
MSMW-driver.h mindsensors-magicwand.h
MSNP-driver.h mindsensors-numericpad.h
MSPFM-driver.h mindsensors-pfmate.h
MSPM-driver.h mindsensors-powermeter.h
MSPPS-driver.h mindsensors-pressure.h
MSPSPV4-driver.h mindsensors-ps2ctrl-v4.h
MSRXMUX-driver.h mindsensors-rcxsensorsmux.h
MSSUMO-driver.h mindsensors-sumoeyes.h
MSTMUX-driver.h mindsensors-touchmux.h
MSTP-driver.h mindsensors-touchpanel.h
NXT2WIFI-driver.h benedettelli -nxt2wifi.h
NXTCAM-driver.h mindsensors-nxtcam.h
NXTServo-driver.h mindensors-servo.h
PCF8574-driver.h philips-pcf8574.h
PID-driver.h pid.h
STATS-driver.h stats.h
TIR-driver.h dexterind-thermalir.h
TMR-driver.h timer.h

About Xander

Xander Soldaat is a Software Engineer and former Infrastructure Architect. He loves building and programming robots. He recently had the opportunity to turn his robotics hobby into his profession and has started working for Robomatter, the makers of ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Words.