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Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.0 beta 1

It’s here, folks!  After what seems like an eternity, at least to me, I proudly present the first beta of the ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.0.  The reason it’s beta is because I have not had a chance to test all of the drivers.  I will continue to test more as I release new betas but I also count on you, my readers and users, to do some of this for me.  You can imagine that testing so many drivers would take up a LOT of time, so spreading the load makes good sense.


The Driver Suite will NOT compile with anything less than ROBOTC 3.51.  If you haven’t updated yet, I suggest you do so now. Just pop over to here and install.

What’s new?

The main thing is of course the fact that it now compiles without errors under ROBOTC 3.51, that’s a good start, wouldn’t you say?  Another major change are the file names.  I mentioned this in my previous post announcing the coming of this beta, but I’ve included the list below again, just so you can take another look at it.

Coming soon

I will be adding support for the HiTechnic Force Sensor and Mindsensors LightSensorArray in the next beta, which will probably be in a week or so from now.

How can you help?

Send me your bug reports, tell me what’s not working for you.  As far as I know, everything at least compiles.

Where can I download it?

You can get it at the usual place: [LINK].

Here’s an overview of the old and new naming scheme for the drivers:

Old name New name
common.h common.h
CTRFID-driver.h codatech-rfid.h
DFLEX-driver.h dexterind-flex.h
DGPS-driver.h dexterind-gps.h
DIMC-driver.h dexterind-compass.h
DIMU-driver.h dexterind-imu.h
DIWIFI-driver.h dexterind-wifi.h
DPRESS-driver.h dexterind-pressure.h
DTMP-driver.h dexterind-temp.h
EEPROM-driver.h eeprom.h
FLAC-driver.h firgelli-linearact.h
FLAC-ramp-driver.h firgelli-linearact-ramping.h
HDMMUX-driver.h holitdata-motormux.h
HRWB-driver.h humarobotics-wifiblock.h
HTAC-driver.h hitechnic-accelerometer.h
HTANG-driver.h hitechnic-angle.h
HTBM-driver.h hitechnic-barometer.h
HTCS-driver.h hitechnic-colour-v1.h
HTCS2-driver.h hitechnic-colour-v2.h
HTEOPD-driver.h hitechnic-eopd.h
HTGYRO-driver.h hitechnic-gyro.h
HTIRL-driver.h hitechnic-irlink.h
HTIRR-driver.h hitechnic-irrecv.h
HTIRS-driver.h hitechnic-irseeker-v1.h
HTIRS2-driver.h hitechnic-irseeker-v2.h
HTMAG-driver.h hitechnic-magfield.h
HTMC-driver.h hitechnic-compass.h
HTMMUX-driver.h hitechnic-motormux.h
HTPB-driver.h hitechnic-protoboard.h
HTPIR-driver.h hitechnic-pir.h
HTRCX-driver.h hitechnic-irlink-rcx.h
HTSMUX-driver.h hitechnic-sensormux.h
HTSPB-driver.h hitechnic-superpro.h
HTTMUX-driver.h hitechnic-touchmux.h
LEGOEM-driver.h lego-energymeter.h
LEGOLS-driver.h lego-light.h
LEGOSND-driver.h lego-sound.h
LEGOTMP-driver.h lego-temp.h
LEGOTS-driver.h lego-touch.h
LEGOUS-driver.h lego-ultrasound.h
light-common.h common-light.h
MAX127-driver.h maxim-max127.h
MCP23008-driver.h microchip-mcp23008.h
MICC-driver.h microinfinity-cruizcore.h
MMUX-common.h common-mmux.h
MSAC-driver.h mindsensors-accelerometer.h
MSDIST-driver.h mindsensors-irdist.h
MSHID-driver.h mindsensors-hid.h
MSIMU-driver.h mindsensors-imu.h
MSLL-driver.h mindsensors-lineleader.h
MSMMUX-driver.h mindsensors-motormux.h
MSMTRMX-driver.h mindsensors-rcxmotormux.h
MSMW-driver.h mindsensors-magicwand.h
MSNP-driver.h mindsensors-numericpad.h
MSPFM-driver.h mindsensors-pfmate.h
MSPM-driver.h mindsensors-powermeter.h
MSPPS-driver.h mindsensors-pressure.h
MSPSPV4-driver.h mindsensors-ps2ctrl-v4.h
MSRXMUX-driver.h mindsensors-rcxsensorsmux.h
MSSUMO-driver.h mindsensors-sumoeyes.h
MSTMUX-driver.h mindsensors-touchmux.h
MSTP-driver.h mindsensors-touchpanel.h
NXT2WIFI-driver.h benedettelli -nxt2wifi.h
NXTCAM-driver.h mindsensors-nxtcam.h
NXTServo-driver.h mindensors-servo.h
PCF8574-driver.h philips-pcf8574.h
PID-driver.h pid.h
STATS-driver.h stats.h
TIR-driver.h dexterind-thermalir.h
TMR-driver.h timer.h

About Xander

Xander Soldaat is a Software Engineer and former Infrastructure Architect. He loves building and programming robots. He recently had the opportunity to turn his robotics hobby into his profession and has started working for Robomatter, the makers of ROBOTC and Robot Virtual Words.