• Do you like what I do on this site?
  • Are you an avid user of my Driver Suite?
  • Is your ROBOTC license about to expire?
  • Do you have more money than sense?

If any, or all of the above, apply to you then here’s your chance to gain some righteous karma!  How? Well read below!

There are a few ways you can help to support this site.  You can purchase a ROBOTC license by clicking this link here: [LINK].  That will give me a certain percentage of the sale of the license.  It’s the same link the ad to your right takes you to.  It’s an affiliate program that the people at Robotics Academy have created to allow people such as myself to support the work we do.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra and your purchase is still done through the normal site.

If you don’t need a new license but want to show your appreciation anyway, you’re still more than welcome to.  You can do this safely through PayPal by going to the Driver Suite project donation page here: [LINK]. You can also donate via PayPal using the button below.

Any money I receive will be spent on robotics and LEGO stuff, not loose women or large amounts of booze (maybe the odd beer, that’s all, I promise).

Thank you!

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