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New from Dexter Industries: NXTChuck

NXTChuck Wii Adapter for LEGO MINDSTORMSI am sure you’ve seen the pictures of the Wii Nunchucks attached to the NXT before on the Internet.  However, they either required a very specific Nunchuck to be used or some modifications on the device itself.  Dexter Industries, together with Matthew Richardson have come up with a great new Wii Adapter for LEGO MINDSTORMS, the NXTChuck.  With this sensor you can easily attach a Nunchuck to your NXT, without needing to do any kind of soldering at all!  Best of all, it works with quite a number of Nunchucks, not just the ones made by Nintendo.

I’ve had one of these for a little while, unfortunately I have not had a chance to finish the driver just yet, but rest assured, I am working on it.   As some of my readers pointed out, they had spotted it in a post I made earlier, despite my attempt to hide it under a Post-It.  The sensor was not visible but the Nunchuck was.  Congratulations to Matt for creating his first commercially available NXT sensor! Nice job.  Kudos to DI for manufacturing it!

You can pick one up for yourself right here: [LINK].

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