Some exciting things are happening with Dexter Industries.  Earlier this week they announced they’re working on a couple of mystery products.  Here they are, as they appear on the DI website.

Mystery Project #1

Raspberry Pi NXT Shield?

This appears to be a Raspberry Pi with a custom shield on top of it that has NXT connectors.  It is hard to tell how many sensor and motor connectors it has, but I count a total of 7 NXT connectors, 3 in the back, 2 on each side and 2 in the front.

Mystery Project #2

Raspberry Pi Playstation DualShock Shield?

This one is not as mysterious as the previous shield, it seems.  If you look carefully at the picture, there are plenty of clues there.  I think this may be a shield for your Raspberry Pi to interface with a PlayStation controller.  How awesome is that?  I have a wireless one, which hopefully would work too!

Mystery Project #3

Arduino Playstation DualShock Shield

This is a funny one.  At the time of writing this may have been a mystery product, but DI have since created a crowd funding project for this on, a Kickstarter-like site, just for electronics.  This is an Arduino Playstation DualShock Shield.  You can find the project page here and make a pledge for it, I did, and am really looking forward to this becoming a full-on product!