Pepijn de Vos, who runs, has made all of his building instructions available to everyone for free.  His reason?  Simple:

…I concluded that I feel better about sharing them with as many people as possible than sharing them with a handful and making a few bucks.

Despite all the effort that went into making them, he’s decided that it’s better to share than to sell.  That’s how communities are built, so kudos to you, Pepijn!

There are some pretty cool models on the site, which you can find here: [LINK].  I especially love the skating robot, which you can see in a video below:

The Solar Powered robot is also great, it’s based on the Twenthe One, a solar powered vehicle, which was made for the World Solar Challenge.

There are quite a few other ones there as well, but I think I will have a go at making the skating robot first.