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EV3 Supply Issues

No EV3 for you! It seems that “due to unprecedented demand”, there is a world-wide shortage of EV3 hardware.  This seems to affect the Educational set which some of LEGO’s distributors are marking as out of stock until March 2014.  I currently have no info on what the situation is on the retail EV3 set.  I’ll update when I know more.

I am surprised LEGO did not foresee this demand, this is going to leave quite a lot of people disappointed for Christmas and schools with major issues trying to migrate their curriculum to the new platform.  This is not the first new robotics platform LEGO has released.  You would think they would’ve gotten the hang of it by now.

I have no idea how this affects orders that have already been placed, but you may want to contact your reseller about yours.



Psst, anyone wanna buy a few EV3s?

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