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EV3_IDE: ANSI C on the EV3


If you’re keen to do ANSI C programming on your EV3 but are not a big fan of using Emacs, Eclipse or vi, then this may just be the thing for you.  It’s a .Net based IDE, running on Windows, that uses the standard gcc toolkit for the EV3’s ARM9 chip.  It’s simply called EV3_IDE.  The nice thing about it is that you can continue to use the standard firmware, or indeed, the enhanced firmware.  The IDE itself is not fully open sourced, but the API for talking to the EV3 hardware is, so you can tinker away, at your heart’s content!  There are also examples available that you can get started with.

I have not played with this much myself, but it’s a very promising project.  Hopefully it can fill the gap that the discontinued development of BrixCC left behind. If you don’t want to register to get access to the software, the author has provided a direct link to the OneDrive folder: [LINK].

Great job, Steven Persyn!

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