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ROBOTC Driver Suite

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.7

3 New Drivers I’ve added support for 2 new devices and a better driver for an older one.   The minimal version for the Driver Suite has been set to 3.08.  If you need support for an older version ROBOTC, I would advise you to stick with a previous version of the Suite. Please note that the drivers don’t seem to ... Read More »

Heads-up: New ROBOTC Driver Suite Requirement

I’ll be releasing a new version of the driver Driver Suite soon.  I’ve changed the minimum version it will compile under to ROBOTC 3.08, the latest stable release.  I am using some very useful functionality in some of my drivers that didn’t appear in previous versions. #include "firmwareVersion.h" #if (kFirmwareVersion < 912) #error "These drivers are only supported on RobotC ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.6

Some cool new stuff I’ve added support for the HumaRobotics WiFiBlock WiFI sensor.  I’ve also been very busy the past two weeks working on a tutorial for the driver suite. This release also contains a couple of example programs that are discussed in the tutorial. Changelog * Added new driver + test program for HumaRobotics WiFiBlock. * Added additional test ... Read More »

ROBOTC Driver Suite Tutorial

Finally, after months and months of stalling, I have started and completed a tutorial for my Driver Suite. It actually took me a lot less effort than I originally thought it would, but I am happy with the result, as I am sure you will be. The tutorial will help you setup ROBOTC to use the drivers, how the they’re ... Read More »

ROBOTC Drivers: Winding road

I don’t usually use graphs but when I do… Ever since I started writing my drivers back at the end of 2008, I would not have thought that I would now be almost at 6000 downloads. I was pouring over the stats and I noticed something quite cool.  It is not hard to tell that my main user base are ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.5

Two new drivers Support for two new sensors has been added this time: The Dexter Industries 3-axis Magnetic Compass Sensor (dCompass) Mindsensors Pressure Sensor (PPS58-Nx) Changelog * Added new driver + test programs for Dexter Industries dCompass (Driver name: DIMC) * Added new driver + test programs for the Mindsensors Pressure Sensor PPS58-Nx (Driver name: MSPPS) * Added atan2() function ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.4

More 3rd party 3rd party drivers Does a 3rd party 3rd party driver make it a 4th party? I’m not sure, you decide.  In any case, my good man Gus at HiTechnic has provided a very nice driver for the new HiTechnic Super Pro Board.  Thanks for that! I also added a driver for the totally awesome Mindsensors Touch Panel ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.3

Some boneheaded bugs fixed and a new driver Thanks to some very astute users of my suite, I have fixed a couple of stupid bugs in my IMU driver (this seems to be a recurring theme, it seems). A new sensor driver has also been added, this one was not written by me but Daniel Playfair Cal. Changelog More fixes ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.2

Minor fixes, enhancements and cleanups This release has a couple of small fixes and also gets rid of a couple of really bone-headed bugs in the Dexter Industry IMU sensor driver. The sensor driver has been tested with a real segway by Laurens Valk, check out the video below: The new IMU driver now also features the ability to switch ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.1

Nothing earth shattering Not as many new features or bug fixes as the last one but some nice little things none the less. Where can I download it? You can get it at the usual place: [LINK]. Changelog You can now calibrate light sensors on a per-port basis. It also works with light sensors connected to a sensor MUX. Added ... Read More »