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  • Improved Thermal Imaging

    Improved Thermal Imaging

    Experiments, NXT, ROBOTC, Sensors June 16, 2011 16:53 15 comments

    After the initial post about my thermal imaging system using the Dexter Industries Thermal Infrared Sensor, I made some improvements with both the speed and accuracy of the whole thing. I made the sensor sampling interval time based, rather than encoder value based.  This proved to be a lot better […]

  • Bring on the Heat: Thermal Imaging with the NXT

    Bring on the Heat: Thermal Imaging with the NXT

    ROBOTC, Sensors June 12, 2011 22:10 11 comments

    Having spent most of yesterday hacking and optimizing the firmware for the new Dexter Industries Thermal IR Sensor, I thought I would go ahead and make something fun with it today. I built a pan and tilt rig for the sensor with a great deal of gearing down to allow […]

  • Released: 3rd Party ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.0b2

    No rest for the wicked, although they have been taking it a bit easier. In any case, I present my latest creation: version 2.0 beta 2 of the Driver Suite. Not as many changes as for beta 1, as you’d expect. Highlights for this version include: I changed the min, […]

  • Want to Play with my NXT?

    Want to Play with my NXT?

    I am currently streaming a live feed of my NXT on UStream.  You can easily control the motor on my NXT using URLs like: – stop the motor – run the motor at 100% clockwise – run the motor at 50% counter-clockwise. The power to the motor […]

  • The Pneuma-Snatcher

    The Pneuma-Snatcher

    NXT, ROBOTC, Robots, Sensors March 21, 2011 17:44 9 comments

    The Pneuma-Snatcher is a very ugly robot based on the very nice looking Snatcher, designed by Laurens Valk. I used the two valve kits that Mindsensors sent to me a week or so ago.  They work very well for controlling the pneumatic valves.  If you hook them up to the […]

  • I2C on the VEX Cortex

    I2C on the VEX Cortex

    The VEX Cortex is a nice platform made by VEX Robotics. It is supported in two programming environments, one of which is ROBOTC. Much to my dismay, the master firmware does not support I2C, which is why ROBOTC does not support it. I don’t really like it when someone tells […]

  • Bit Banged I2C Master on ROBOTC for Arduino

    Bit Banged I2C Master on ROBOTC for Arduino

    Arduino, ROBOTC, Sensors February 20, 2011 16:26 10 comments

    After spending two hours working on the changelog for the upcoming release of my driver suite, I thought I’d go play with something that was a bit more fun. I’m part of the ROBOTC for Arduino test group, which has been a lot of fun. The Arduino build does not […]

  • ROBOTC: Using the NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor as a Light Sensor

    ROBOTC: Using the NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor as a Light Sensor

    ROBOTC, Sensors February 18, 2011 12:23 10 comments

    Using the NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor as an old fashioned NXT 1.0 Light Sensor as very simple in NXT-G but a little more involved in ROBOTC. The old Light Sensor uses a small red LED to illuminate the target and a small sensor to see how much was reflected. The […]

  • ROBOTC: Using the NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor

    ROBOTC: Using the NXT 2.0 Colour Sensor

    ROBOTC, Sensors February 16, 2011 07:07 24 comments

    So you just bought yourself one of the NXT 2.0 Colour Sensors and you’re keen to get started with it. You browse through the example programs that are shipped with ROBOTC and open the “ColorSensor.c” program. “300 lines of code to read a simple colour?” you ask yourself. Fear not, […]

  • Communicating with the NXTBee

    Communicating with the NXTBee

    Experiments, ROBOTC, Sensors February 12, 2011 18:58 13 comments

    So I’ve had these Dexter Industries NXTBees for about two weeks now and I’ve been working hard to come up with something cool.  Even before I received these NXTBees I spoke with John from DI about sending telemetry data from one NXT to another over a distance using these sensors. […]