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ROBOTC version 3.05 has been released!

From the ROBOTC blog: Hi all, We’ve just released ROBOTC 3.05. Head on over to the download pages to download the latest version! Change log: NXT: Allow “File Management” window to play multiple sound files and not just a single file. Fix bug in implementation of NXT intrinsic function “I2CGetSensorInfo”. Holding down gray EXIT button on NXT will now eventually ... Read More »

ROBOTC 3.04 is now available!

Looks like Robotics Academy released another release of ROBOTC 3.x.  There’s a list of bugs that have been fixed but one of the coolest new things is the ability to go beyond the 160 functions limit! You can download it from the usual place: [LINK]. Change log: Fixed silent updater bug Modified sensor scale and full count settings for gyros ... Read More »

Robot Virtual World programming course

I got this mail a few days ago, which I think some of my readers might find interesting.  It’s not a new male enhancement formula, rather an offer from Robotics Academy for a free Robot Virtual World programming course. Below you will find a copy of the mail (with some tweaks to make it a little more readable on my ... Read More »

ROBOTC 3.03 available for download now

The Robotics Academy folks just announced the availability of a new version (3.03) of ROBOTC.  Quite a few bugs have been fixed.  You can download the latest version right here: [LINK]. 3.02 to 3.03 Change log: Fixed issue with nMotorEncoderTarget when issuing a positive target with a negative speed. Removed windows that would cause Virtual Worlds to crash when opening. ... Read More »

ROBOTC 3.0 is Here! (and that’s not all!)

After what seems like a dog’s age, a new release of ROBOTC has been, well, released (as is often the case with releases). Here’s what I know so far. Many platforms, one program They’ve done a major overhaul of the internal workings of the ROBOTC program and compiler, you no longer need to install multiple versions for each platform you ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.0 Final

At last Finally, after what seemed an eternity, a 2.0 final version has been released of the ROBOTC Driver Suite. There are many, many changes since the 1.x version of the suite, not so many if you’ve been using the betas. The suite now supports more than 50 sensors and has been downloaded over 4300 times since March 2009. I’d ... Read More »

Improved Thermal Imaging

After the initial post about my thermal imaging system using the Dexter Industries Thermal Infrared Sensor, I made some improvements with both the speed and accuracy of the whole thing. I made the sensor sampling interval time based, rather than encoder value based.  This proved to be a lot better at getting consistent sampling rates.  I also doubled the horizontal ... Read More »

Bring on the Heat: Thermal Imaging with the NXT

Having spent most of yesterday hacking and optimizing the firmware for the new Dexter Industries Thermal IR Sensor, I thought I would go ahead and make something fun with it today. I built a pan and tilt rig for the sensor with a great deal of gearing down to allow me to take a lot of measurements as the rig ... Read More »

Released: 3rd Party ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.0b2

No rest for the wicked, although they have been taking it a bit easier. In any case, I present my latest creation: version 2.0 beta 2 of the Driver Suite. Not as many changes as for beta 1, as you’d expect. Highlights for this version include: I changed the min, max and clip functions to macros and renamed them to ... Read More »

Want to Play with my NXT?

I am currently streaming a live feed of my NXT on UStream.  You can easily control the motor on my NXT using URLs like: http://xammy.demon.nl:81/MOTA=0 – stop the motor http://xammy.demon.nl:81/MOTA=100 – run the motor at 100% clockwise http://xammy.demon.nl:81/MOTA=-50 – run the motor at 50% counter-clockwise. The power to the motor can range from –100 to 100, with 0 being “brake”. ... Read More »