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  • New Release: ROBOTC 3.62

    New Release: ROBOTC 3.62

    ROBOTC September 8, 2013 10:42 no comments

    This is most likely the last 3.x ROBOTC release.  It fixes a couple of things, you can find the list of changes below.  Download your copy of it here: [LINK]. 3.61 to 3.62 Changelog Bug Fix: Fixed additional bug in “NXT Brick – Joystick” windows with the “Improper Argument” message […]

  • ROBOTC Driver Suite is FTC Legal

    ROBOTC Driver Suite is FTC Legal

    Ramblings March 13, 2013 21:04 4 comments

    For about two weeks there was  a bit of a scare, while the FIRST folks were deciding whether or not my Driver Suite was actually legal to use in the FTC.  It had been used for years prior to someone actually asking the question.  Their initial reaction was “no”, but […]

  • Thank You FTC Team 4466!

    Thank You FTC Team 4466!

    Ramblings August 2, 2011 15:37 1 comment

    I got a nice big padded envelope in the mail this morning from this year’s FTC Team 4466 (R.A.B.B.I.).  Inside was a really nice letter and a HiTechnic Servo Controller for Tetrix and a DC Motor Controller for Tetrix! It was a real pleasure working with you guys and thank […]

  • St Louis FTC Finals ROBOTC Q&A

    St Louis FTC Finals ROBOTC Q&A

    Ramblings April 25, 2011 20:12 no comments

    This year at the St Louis FTC finals, Team 4466 (R.A.B.B.I.) will holding nightly FTC practice field sessions as part of their after pit activities. On Wednesday they will also be organising workshops and lectures and a Q&A session with your truly. I’m going to have to get up at […]