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  • 俳句 contest winners

    俳句 contest winners

    Ramblings February 15, 2012 12:53 1 comment

    The winners are known Making Haikus is great fun Winning stuff is best Matthias Paul Scholtz: My winter robot LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT – Will it outlive spring? Brian Bachmeier: Robots, Programming NXT Sensors Exposed Welcome to Bot Bench Joraaver: Little Lego bots Always bring my room to life However I […]

  • NXT Haiku

    NXT Haiku

    Ramblings February 3, 2012 18:15 13 comments

    I like to make bots LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Build them brick by brick Think you can come up with something better?  Leave it in the comments!  Best 3 get a Rotacaster key chain hanger! Not sure how to make a Haiku?  Check out this page: [LINK].