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  • News Flash: When two become one…sort of

    News Flash: When two become one…sort of

    Ramblings October 16, 2012 16:46 2 comments

    Today Generation Robots and Dexter Industries announced that they will be combining their efforts in the R&D and sales departments.  Generation Robots will now also have exclusive distribution rights for all the DI sensors in Europe and DI will distribute the HumaRobotics sensors in North America.  HumaRobotics is the R&D […]

  • HumaRobotics WiFiBlock

    HumaRobotics WiFiBlock

    Sensors March 27, 2012 17:16 4 comments

    New Kid on the WiFiBlock A new player has entered the arena of WiFi sensors.  A French company by the name of HumaRobotics has developed a new WiFI sensor for the NXT, the WiFiBlock.  This sensor is a bit different from existing sensors in that it uses I2C, not RS485 […]