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  • The LEGO Lair V 2.0

    The LEGO Lair V 2.0

    Ramblings May 29, 2013 20:32 12 comments

    A quick tour of my new and improved LEGO Lair with nice storage system and large desk space.  This is where I do my thing, where I write my drivers and build my robots.  I even tidied it up a bit before I took the video.

  • LEGO Lair–The Movie

    LEGO Lair–The Movie

    Ramblings September 15, 2011 23:04 5 comments

    I’m always curious to know how other people’s LEGO rooms look.  I made a quick video of what mine looks like so you can see.  It’s pretty tidy now because this is also my home office and I can’t work very well if it’s all cluttered.  It doesn’t look this […]