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  • New from Dexter Industries: NXTChuck

    New from Dexter Industries: NXTChuck

    Sensors October 16, 2012 18:57 no comments

    I am sure you’ve seen the pictures of the Wii Nunchucks attached to the NXT before on the Internet.  However, they either required a very specific Nunchuck to be used or some modifications on the device itself.  Dexter Industries, together with Matthew Richardson have come up with a great new […]

  • Review: The Unofficial LEGO ® Technic Builder’s Guide

    Review: The Unofficial LEGO ® Technic Builder’s Guide

    Ramblings October 7, 2012 14:41 2 comments

    When I first heard this book was coming out a few months ago, I couldn’t wait for it to become available on Amazon.  Fate would have it be that last week I was contacted by No Starch Press to ask if I was interested in reviewing this book.  It took all of […]

  • May the Force be With You: HiTechnic Force Sensor

    May the Force be With You: HiTechnic Force Sensor

    Sensors September 11, 2012 07:35 6 comments

    If to be able to sense the Force you want your robot, an excellent choice this HiTechnic Force Sensor is.  Hmmmmm. ..  Due to come out in early October, this little bad boy can measure the amount of force applied to an axle that presses into the axle receptacle (image […]

  • New Hispabrick Magazine: HBM014

    New Hispabrick Magazine: HBM014

    Ramblings August 1, 2012 13:40 1 comment

    There’s a new Hispabrick Magazine out! Another installment packed full of great articles, models and tutorials. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find: Lots and lots of droids (the ones you were looking for) How Kickstarter helped fund two very cool projects Another installment of the Mindstorms NXT programming tutorial […]

  • Very cool Omniwheelchair

    Very cool Omniwheelchair

    Ramblings July 31, 2012 09:15 no comments

    Simon Burfield, a.k.a. Burf has made a super cool model.  By model I mean chair and by chair I mean omnidirectional wheelchair. Oh and it’s life-sized, too.  Yeah, it is capable of handling no less than 90 kg!  I saw a video of an early prototype a few weeks ago […]

  • See you at the LEGO Festijn @ Hardenberg!

    See you at the LEGO Festijn @ Hardenberg!

    Ramblings July 13, 2012 17:24 no comments

    I’ll be at the LEGO Festijn in Hardenberg this weekend.  Martijn Boogaarts and I will be displaying our robots and answering questions about life, the universe and Mindstorms. It’ll be a blast, so be sure to drop by if you can!  More information on where, can be found here: [LINK]. […]

  • Re-launch of the Dexter Industries dSwitch + Contest!

    Re-launch of the Dexter Industries dSwitch + Contest!

    Sensors June 19, 2012 16:59 2 comments

    Dexter Industries have re-launched one of their first products, the dSwitch.  The dSwitch is a device that allows you to control a main-operated device with your NXT!  Pretty freaking cool, if you ask me!  The possibilities are endless: Setup your NXT to turn on the coffee maker in the morning, […]

  • LEGO Heavy Weapons

    LEGO Heavy Weapons

    Ramblings May 18, 2012 05:33 2 comments

    When NoStarch Press contacted me a week or two so ago about doing a review about a book called “LEGO® Heavy Weapons”, I must admit I was a little skeptical.  I am not a big fan of guns or violence but when I saw a PDF preview of this book […]

  • Building Robots At Schuberg Philis

    Building Robots At Schuberg Philis

    Ramblings May 13, 2012 07:31 3 comments

    Yesterday, the hosting company Schuberg Philis organised a LEGO day at its offices for all the employees and, of course, the kids. It was split into two parts, downstairs they had prepared a large auditorium with big tables full of LEGO for the younger kids and upstairs we had the […]

  • LEGO Survey

    LEGO Survey

    Ramblings April 29, 2012 11:32 1 comment

    LEGO wants to know what you think!  They’ve created a survey for people over the age of 13. So make your opinions count and fill out one of the surveys (pick a language of your choice), linked below. Dear LEGO fan, The LEGO fan community is important to us. To […]