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LEGO World Day 4–Batter up!

Saturday, day 4, was a really awesome day.  Peter McKinnon and Claus Seitz from Rotacaster drove up from Duesseldorf to come see me.  It was great to finally meet each other after almost a year and half of mailing and Skyping during the development process of their robotic omniwheels.  They were blown away by the sheer size of the venue ... Read More »

LEGO World Day 3–United Nations

Day 3 at LEGO World welcomed a big group of new exhibitors; we now have Ricardo Oliviera from Portugal with his vending machine, Sebastian Trella from Germany who brought a couple of his educational robots, Lasse and Kenneth, the two Danish guys with the awesome blimp and 3 guys from the German University of Kassel. Read More »

LEGO World Day 2–Busy busy busy

LEGO World Day 2

Thursday was crazy busy at LEGO World. No movie today, however. Tammy (my wife) came over to see what all the hubbub was about and she took tonnes of pictures which she’ll edit and upload later. It was kind of cool to see how the people move through the venue in large waves. At 10:00 the masses start entering through ... Read More »

LEGO World Day 1–Ready to rock!

Day 1 started a little late for me because I had to make a stop-over at Eric’s work to pick up a robot (as if we didn’t have enough of those yet) and his laptop for Monster Chess.  The place was a real ant-hill, all sold out and it looks like Thursday is the same. I shot a video of ... Read More »

Yo Dawg…

…So I built you this LEGO contraption so you don’t need to hold that mobile phone anymore. Can you believe that my wife actually sat there patiently while I built this thing next to her?  She was complaining about her arms getting sore from holding up her mobile phone so she could read her E-Book. LEGO to the rescue!  I ... Read More »

Exposed: LEGO Ultrasonic Sensor

This one was a request by one my readers and what a great suggestion! Taking this sensor apart proved a little bit of a challenge.  It wasn’t as eager to give ups secrets as readily as some of the other ones I’ve opened up in the past.  I also didn’t have a replacement cap for this, so I had to ... Read More »

Exposed: LEGO Colour Sensor

No, not a HiTechnic sensor in this episode of Exposed. Yesterday someone on the Mindboards forums asked what the third bump on the LEGO Colour Sensor was for.  I was curious enough to take a small blade to one of my sensors and take it apart.  I did take some grainy pictures but figured I could probably get better ones ... Read More »

LEGO Lair–The Movie

I’m always curious to know how other people’s LEGO rooms look.  I made a quick video of what mine looks like so you can see.  It’s pretty tidy now because this is also my home office and I can’t work very well if it’s all cluttered.  It doesn’t look this tidy in the weekends. I have a small box with ... Read More »

LEGO World Zwolle October 19-26 2011

In just 6 weeks’, the biggest, most exciting LEGO show is going to take place in Zwolle, The Netherlands. This year the Mindstorms and Technic themes will join forces and have a massive combined stand that will take up a complete separate area at the venue. There will be other themes there too, as well as many, many user-created displays. ... Read More »

De Bouwsteen Shop in Rotterdam

During a games night at our good friends Simone and Stu, the topic of LEGO came up (who would’ve thought it possible, right?) It was brought to my attention that a new LEGO store had opened in Rotterdam, whereupon my reaction was “WTFBBQ? Why didn’t I get the memo?”. So after several death threats and a promise of torture and ... Read More »