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  • LEGO World Day 1–Ready to rock!

    Ramblings October 20, 2011 07:00 5 comments

    Day 1 started a little late for me because I had to make a stop-over at Eric’s work to pick up a robot (as if we didn’t have enough of those yet) and his laptop for Monster Chess.  The place was a real ant-hill, all sold out and it looks […]

  • Yo Dawg…

    Yo Dawg…

    Experiments October 11, 2011 17:08 3 comments

    …So I built you this LEGO contraption so you don’t need to hold that mobile phone anymore. Can you believe that my wife actually sat there patiently while I built this thing next to her?  She was complaining about her arms getting sore from holding up her mobile phone so […]

  • Exposed: LEGO Ultrasonic Sensor

    Exposed: LEGO Ultrasonic Sensor

    Exposed September 21, 2011 21:43 43 comments

    This one was a request by one my readers and what a great suggestion! Taking this sensor apart proved a little bit of a challenge.  It wasn’t as eager to give ups secrets as readily as some of the other ones I’ve opened up in the past.  I also didn’t […]

  • Exposed: LEGO Colour Sensor

    Exposed: LEGO Colour Sensor

    Exposed September 16, 2011 17:11 27 comments

    No, not a HiTechnic sensor in this episode of Exposed. Yesterday someone on the Mindboards forums asked what the third bump on the LEGO Colour Sensor was for.  I was curious enough to take a small blade to one of my sensors and take it apart.  I did take some […]

  • LEGO Lair–The Movie

    LEGO Lair–The Movie

    Ramblings September 15, 2011 23:04 5 comments

    I’m always curious to know how other people’s LEGO rooms look.  I made a quick video of what mine looks like so you can see.  It’s pretty tidy now because this is also my home office and I can’t work very well if it’s all cluttered.  It doesn’t look this […]

  • LEGO World Zwolle October 19-26 2011

    LEGO World Zwolle October 19-26 2011

    Ramblings August 31, 2011 15:08 1 comment

    In just 6 weeks’, the biggest, most exciting LEGO show is going to take place in Zwolle, The Netherlands. This year the Mindstorms and Technic themes will join forces and have a massive combined stand that will take up a complete separate area at the venue. There will be other […]

  • De Bouwsteen Shop in Rotterdam

    De Bouwsteen Shop in Rotterdam

    Ramblings May 16, 2011 16:00 9 comments

    During a games night at our good friends Simone and Stu, the topic of LEGO came up (who would’ve thought it possible, right?) It was brought to my attention that a new LEGO store had opened in Rotterdam, whereupon my reaction was “WTFBBQ? Why didn’t I get the memo?”. So […]