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Little Big Data: Splunk meets NXT

Splunk is an enterprise-class machine data gathering and analysis tool, capable of consuming 100s of gigabytes of machine generated data and turning it into arbitrarily searchable data and presenting it with fancy reports and graphs.  I’ve used Splunk in the past for a project and another time to do post-mortem analysis of a hacked webserver. Since I was working on ... Read More »

SNMP on an NXT

What is SNMP? When I got my NXT2WIFI sensor from Daniele I was quite sure what I wanted to make with it:  an SNMP agent.  What is an SNMP agent, you say?  SNMP, short for Simple Network Management Protocol, is a protocol that, as you may have guessed by now, a protocol that can be used for monitoring and configuring ... Read More »

Help fund the production of a new sensor: NXT2WIFI


Daniele Benedettelli is looking for help, your help!  He has developed a new WiFi sensor for the NXT called the NXT2WIFI. So what is the NXT2WIFI?  Obviously it’s a WiFi sensor for the NXT it’s a bit more than that.  It also has a web server built into it that allows you to create a web interface right on the ... Read More »