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  • Upcoming Project: RPi EV3 Remote

    Upcoming Project: RPi EV3 Remote

    Experiments July 22, 2014 20:03 1 comment

    A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Element14 regarding a collaboration project.  I was asked to come up with a project that involved either a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino.  I, of course, picked the RPi, since I’m a big fan of Linux.  The project idea I came up […]

  • OpenElectrons NXShield-M + Teemino

    OpenElectrons NXShield-M + Teemino

    Arduino August 10, 2011 20:23 3 comments

    The Teemino As I mentioned in an earlier post, OpenElectrons (Mindsensors) have released the Teemino and will soon release a shield (NXShield-M) that is compatible with this board and the ArduinoMega. Lucky for me, one of each of these arrived in the post this morning, unlucky for me, I don’t […]