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New from HiTechnic: NXT SuperPro Prototype Board

NXT SuperPro Prototype Board

HiTechnic have released their latest creation: the NXT SuperPro Prototype Board.  It’s a like the old Prototype Board (which seems to be gone from the website now) only much, much more advanced.  You can actually hook this thing up to your USB port and reprogram it to do what you want.  This thing is packed full of awesome features: 4 ... Read More »

Mystery Sensor…

I’ve been sent a new sensor by a company that is looking to enter the NXT sensor market.  I am not going to tell you what the sensor is but some of my readers already know as they’ve been sent one, too.  All will be revealed soon… Comments have been disabled for this post so nobody can spoil the surprise! Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.3

Some boneheaded bugs fixed and a new driver Thanks to some very astute users of my suite, I have fixed a couple of stupid bugs in my IMU driver (this seems to be a recurring theme, it seems). A new sensor driver has also been added, this one was not written by me but Daniel Playfair Cal. Changelog More fixes ... Read More »

First Look: Mindsensors TouchPanel Sensor

The mailman brought me a package from Mindsensors today!  The TouchPanel sensor is here and it looks great.  I’ve taken some quick pictures so you can get an idea of what it looks like. Front view, the screen is slightly less bright when viewed straight on but doesn’t seem affected at all if viewed at a slight tilt. I take ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.2

Minor fixes, enhancements and cleanups This release has a couple of small fixes and also gets rid of a couple of really bone-headed bugs in the Dexter Industry IMU sensor driver. The sensor driver has been tested with a real segway by Laurens Valk, check out the video below: The new IMU driver now also features the ability to switch ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.1

Nothing earth shattering Not as many new features or bug fixes as the last one but some nice little things none the less. Where can I download it? You can get it at the usual place: [LINK]. Changelog You can now calibrate light sensors on a per-port basis. It also works with light sensors connected to a sensor MUX. Added ... Read More »

Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.0 Final

At last Finally, after what seemed an eternity, a 2.0 final version has been released of the ROBOTC Driver Suite. There are many, many changes since the 1.x version of the suite, not so many if you’ve been using the betas. The suite now supports more than 50 sensors and has been downloaded over 4300 times since March 2009. I’d ... Read More »

Exposed: HiTechnic Barometric Sensor

What’s this?  Two Exposed posts in two days?  What is this madness? To be honest I’ve been wanting to cut HiTechnic’s new Barometric Sensor open since I got it a while back.  I held off while it wasn’t on sale yet since I couldn’t really write about it anyway.  However, now that it’s out there in the wild and I ... Read More »

Mindsensors NXTRelayDriver

If you’re a fan of the NXT as a programming platform but would like to control something beefier than just an NXT motor, you used to either have to resort to using relays or concoct your own controller board to handle the extra current. The latest offering from Mindsensors, the NXTRelayDriver, is about to change that. It’s not really a ... Read More »

The Pneuma-Snatcher

The Pneuma-Snatcher is a very ugly robot based on the very nice looking Snatcher, designed by Laurens Valk. I used the two valve kits that Mindsensors sent to me a week or so ago.  They work very well for controlling the pneumatic valves.  If you hook them up to the NXTServo controller, you end up with a very nice way ... Read More »