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NXTBee Initial Test

Just uploaded a quick video of the initial test done with the Dexter Industries NXTBee. It’s the same program Dexter Industries used in their flag waving video. It’s really cool to have the wireless connection without all the stupid hoops you have to jump through to do a bidirectional connection in BT. Much more to come soon; I have a ... Read More »

Dexter Industries NXTBee

After a long wait, thanks to the speediness of the USPS (their delivery status page is beyond useless), my two Dexter Industries NXTBee sensors finally arrived!  These little puppies will allow me to communicate between up to 16 NXTs at about 115Kb/s.  Pretty sweet, I’d say.  They leverage the NXT’s underutilised port 4’s ability to talk RS485 to achieve these ... Read More »

Under Development: Dexter Industries XBee sensor

Dexter Industries hasn’t been sitting still in the past few weeks; they’ve been busy developing a very cool new sensor. It’s an NXT sensor that leverages the XBee as a means of communication. No longer will you be limited to slow, one-way Bluetooth connections between just your master and 3 slaves.  With XBee you have can have up to 16 ... Read More »