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Data Fields

mmuxDataT Struct Reference
[MMUX Functions]

#include <common-mmux.h>

Data Fields

bool initialised
bool runToTarget [4]
long target [4]
byte targetUnit [4]
bool relTarget [4]
bool brake [4]
bool pidcontrol [4]
byte ramping [4]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file common-mmux.h.

Field Documentation

bool brake[4]

Whether or not to use braking or floating to stop motor

Definition at line 52 of file common-mmux.h.

Has the MMUX been initialised yet?

Definition at line 47 of file common-mmux.h.

bool pidcontrol[4]

Use constant speed or just power control

Definition at line 53 of file common-mmux.h.

byte ramping[4]

Ramp the motors, can be up, down, both

Definition at line 54 of file common-mmux.h.

bool relTarget[4]

Whether or not the target is relative to current position

Definition at line 51 of file common-mmux.h.

bool runToTarget[4]

Indicate whether or not the motor is running to a target

Definition at line 48 of file common-mmux.h.

long target[4]

Target we want the motor to run to

Definition at line 49 of file common-mmux.h.

byte targetUnit[4]

Type of target we're running to, could be rotation, encoder or seconds

Definition at line 50 of file common-mmux.h.

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