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ROBOTC 3.08 Changelog

This is the preliminary final Changelog for ROBOTC 3.08.  Please note that an official one will probably appear later today or tomorrow on the ROBOTC website. The artist formerly known as 3.06 is now known as 3.08.  Apparently there was a bit of a mix-up internally with version numbers.  Carry on. Update: Small list of additional VEX changes.  Marked red. Update 2: The ... Read More »

ROBOTC 3.08 available for download now

Just a quick post to let you know that ROBOTC 3.06 is available for download now.  You can pick up here: [LINK]. No Changelog has been released yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I get it.  The one thing I do know that has been added is support for the new digital encoders on the Tetrix platform.  You ... Read More »

ROBOTC version 3.05 has been released!

From the ROBOTC blog: Hi all, We’ve just released ROBOTC 3.05. Head on over to the download pages to download the latest version! Change log: NXT: Allow “File Management” window to play multiple sound files and not just a single file. Fix bug in implementation of NXT intrinsic function “I2CGetSensorInfo”. Holding down gray EXIT button on NXT will now eventually ... Read More »

ROBOTC 3.04 is now available!

Looks like Robotics Academy released another release of ROBOTC 3.x.  There’s a list of bugs that have been fixed but one of the coolest new things is the ability to go beyond the 160 functions limit! You can download it from the usual place: [LINK]. Change log: Fixed silent updater bug Modified sensor scale and full count settings for gyros ... Read More »

ROBOTC 3.03 available for download now

The Robotics Academy folks just announced the availability of a new version (3.03) of ROBOTC.  Quite a few bugs have been fixed.  You can download the latest version right here: [LINK]. 3.02 to 3.03 Change log: Fixed issue with nMotorEncoderTarget when issuing a positive target with a negative speed. Removed windows that would cause Virtual Worlds to crash when opening. ... Read More »