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Apollo, The Littlest LineLeader

This is Apollo, the smallest NXT based line follower I’ve ever made.  It’s loosely based on A-Maze-Ing, which I designed and built quite a while ago. Apollo is equipped some pretty cool stuff: The new Mindsensors Numpad A Mindsensors LineLeader sensor Two Rotacaster wheels The program in this robot is based on the same one I wrote for the Mean ... Read More »

Mindsensors Numeric Pad

Look what the mail man brought in today. This little beauty here to your right is a prototype of the new upcoming Mindsensors Numeric Pad.  It’s a very nice capacitance proximity detection based keypad meaning it can tell when you’re touching it without the need for actual switches.  That does mean that if you like to wear gloves while working ... Read More »