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  • Disco Inferno Part II

    NXC, Sensors June 9, 2011 04:24 1 comment

    Sidneys1 has come up with an improved version of my own Disco Inferno, written in NXC. His article has a great explanation of what PWM is and how it works. So if you’re keen to know the finer details about how RS485 can be used to control the brightness of […]

  • NXC Driver for dGPS

    NXC, Sensors November 26, 2010 20:33 7 comments

    I made a port of the ROBOTC driver to NXC.  The function calls are pretty much identical. The zip file includes the driver and a test program. You can download it here: [LINK].  Enjoy!

  • Power Programming – Robotics in C

    NXC December 20, 2009 17:17 8 comments

    I received my copy of John Hansen’s “Power Programming – Robotics in C”, second edition, a few weeks ago and I’ve read the whole thing. It’s a big book, a little over 540 pages, so it took me some time.  One of the coolest thing I like about this book […]