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  • New Release: ROBOTC 3.62

    New Release: ROBOTC 3.62

    ROBOTC September 8, 2013 10:42 no comments

    This is most likely the last 3.x ROBOTC release.  It fixes a couple of things, you can find the list of changes below.  Download your copy of it here: [LINK]. 3.61 to 3.62 Changelog Bug Fix: Fixed additional bug in “NXT Brick – Joystick” windows with the “Improper Argument” message […]

  • ROBOTC 4.x Announcement

    ROBOTC 4.x Announcement

    ROBOTC May 8, 2013 22:00 14 comments

    The people who watched last week’s Webinar, got a glimpse of what’s coming in ROBOTC 4.x.  I’m very excited about this as it will support two new platforms: the VEX IQ and of course the new MINDSTORMS EV3.  I’m currently working on overhauling the Driver Suite, so it will be […]

  • ROBOTC 3.50 Now Available!

    ROBOTC 3.50 Now Available!

    ROBOTC September 8, 2012 21:17 no comments

    Woot!  ROBOTC 3.5 is finally out!  Below is a copy of the original article, which you can find here: [LINK]. Please note that the Driver Suite has not been updated yet to work flawlessly with this new version.  I will update it in the coming weeks and add a whole […]

  • ROBOTC 3.5 beta is out Today!

    ROBOTC 3.5 beta is out Today!

    ROBOTC August 24, 2012 17:55 2 comments

    After seemingly forever, ROBOTC 3.5 beta is finally out.  So why is this important?  There have been so many cool new features added to this release, it might as well be 4.0, to be honest. So what’s new?  Below is a list of some of the new features: Full ANSI-C […]

  • ROBOTC 3.0 is Here! (and that’s not all!)

    ROBOTC 3.0 is Here! (and that’s not all!)

    ROBOTC September 13, 2011 22:10 13 comments

    After what seems like a dog’s age, a new release of ROBOTC has been, well, released (as is often the case with releases). Here’s what I know so far. Many platforms, one program They’ve done a major overhaul of the internal workings of the ROBOTC program and compiler, you no […]

  • ROBOTC for CORTEX & PIC 2.31 released

    ROBOTC for CORTEX & PIC 2.31 released

    ROBOTC February 8, 2011 08:26 no comments

    The fine folks at the Robotics Academy have released a new version of ROBOTC for the Cortex and PIC.  There are quite a number of changes: Updated new Master Firmware for VEX Cortex Fixed “Cannot find firmware file” download error. Additional Integrity Checks on Firmware Downloading & qualifiers are now […]

  • A New Toy To Play With

    Robots, VEX January 2, 2011 22:44 3 comments

    These two packages arrived about 1.5 weeks ago, courtesy of the Robotics Academy as a thank you for some of the things I’ve done for them over the past few years.  You can’t even imagine how amazingly grateful I was! This is a complete VEX Cortex Super Bundle, that sells […]