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De Bouwsteen Shop in Rotterdam

During a games night at our good friends Simone and Stu, the topic of LEGO came up (who would’ve thought it possible, right?) It was brought to my attention that a new LEGO store had opened in Rotterdam, whereupon my reaction was “WTFBBQ? Why didn’t I get the memo?”. So after several death threats and a promise of torture and pain should Simone be telling lies, we left for the city center the next afternoon.  Lo and behold:

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I think I remember hearing angels singing in the background.

They had a big wall full of LEGO sets, including a whole bunch of LEGO Exclusive sets like the space shuttle.

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One side of the shop is all LEGO, the other side has all the Sluban and Megablock sets. It’s the first time I’ve seen a shop that carries all three brands of toy bricks.  It’s nice to give people the choice, although I would get LEGO over the other brands each time, of course.  They also have a lot of other items normally only available at the Shop@Home website, such as LEGO pens, the minifig head storage bins and much, much more.

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2qkruvqThe two guys who run the shop were super friendly and I stayed and chatted for quite a while. If you’re in the area, you should definitely drop by. You can find them in the Rotterdam Beurstraverse (also known as the Koopgoot or gutter mall).

They don’t have a website yet (they’re very busy working on one) but they do have a Facebook page which you can visit: [LINK].

They have a customer loyalty program where you get a stamp for each 15 euro spent. You get 20% off any set if you have 20 stamps, so if you like LEGO and you buy a fair bit of it, this is a good reason to drop by!

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