oe-logo-web-w390OpenElectrons is a site created by Mindsensors to be for the Android and Arduino platforms what their Mindsensors.com site is to the Mindstorms NXT platform.

android-manAndroid OS and devices offer many features that are fantastic for people wanting to build an easy-to-program robot with many capabilities already built-in. Arduino is also a platform rich with peripherals and software that can be used for robotics easily and extensively.

According to Deepak Patil, one of the people behind Mindsensors.com and OpenElectrons, the objective of this new site is to provide electronics to facilitate the integration of Android and Arduino and Arduino with NXT sensors and motors.

They’re starting off with the NXShield and the Teemino and are working on many other ideas for release in the near future. So stay tuned!