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Cool Kickstarter: BeagleBone Wireless Console

Can I still call something a “Cool Kickstarter” if it’s on Indiegogo?  Of course I can, this is my site!

BBConsole Wireless Console for BeagleBone

Deepak from OpenElectrons and Mindsensors let me know they’ve just started a very cool Indiegogo project: a BeagleBone Wiress Console or BBConsole for short.  Not unlike a previous project they did for the Raspberry Pi, this allows you to connect to your BB over Bluetooth from almost all mobile devices, desktop PCs and laptops.

BBConsole Wireless Console for BeagleBone

This thing is absolutely tiny and can make use of the console port (J1), you just need to plug it in.  It sits between the two big connectors for your capes, without interfering with them.  It’s totally unobtrusive and I really like the look of it, or rather, the fact that there’s almost nothing to look at!  It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so make sure your phone, or whatever device it is you’re using to connect, supports this.

You can find out more information on the Indiegogo page: [LINK].


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